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Our Quality, your Feelings

A well-known ancient roasting activity and two very passionate coffee lovers, who were brought together by their common interest in the green coffee bean, decided to start Coffeel: a new coffee brand and synonymous with innovative qualities. Coffeel wants to be a landmark for experts and coffee lovers and its commitment is the revival of the Italian quality with an open eye for worldwide innovative technologies. Coffeel goes beyond expresso and offers a selection of coffee blends also for filter and moka coffee makers.
Coffeel also supplies the instruments and manuals to make these different coffee preparations with best results you can have.

Because drinking a coffee means discovering, knowing and feeling. 

The delight of a sip of coffee starts at the plantations and is embraced in the green beans, selected and roasted for a unique taste and continues with the choice of the preferred preparation method.

Coffee... Choose your favourite coffee blend, use the preparation method you prefer and enjoy the coffee ritual.
Feel... savour intensively your favourite coffee, and experience these delightful moments. The selection of Coffeel products is meant to delight the senses for an unrepeatable experience at any time of the day, whether it is filter coffee, expresso or moka.
Each blend has its own special flavour and each variety includes the sensations of distant countries, promise for an emotional journey.

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