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The espresso coffee must be brewed with as much care and precision at home as it is at the coffee bar

The more complex and concentrated brewing

Roasting Monk’s frock (darker than moka coffee)
Grinding Fine
Cup Concentrated body with intense aroma
The characteritìstics that ensure a perfect espresso are:

  1. the choice of beans that are expertly roasted, mixed and stored
  2. the proper grinding
  3. the correct dose equal to about 7-8 gr of coffee per cup
  4. the correct pressing of the ground coffee in the filter (around 20 kg of pressure on levelled ground coffee)
  5. the choice of the water with a right fixed residue
  6. the proper attention in the brewing (flushing water is recommended before securely attaching the filter to the machine. Brewing timing of the coffee in the cup 5 sec for pre-infusion and 25 sec after the coffee brewing equal to 25-30ml of elixir in the cup).